Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Conveno for Fusionopolis F11

Fusionopolis F11 is a world-class R&D workspace for Interactive Digital Media (IDM) companies in Singapore. The workspace also includes two 8-seater Meeting Rooms (each fitted with a 50” LCD screen), a 74-seater screening room, a 42sqm studio, and the What's Next Studio for large-group meetings and presentations.

Conveno provides a visitor guide to these facilities at Fusionopolis F11. Preview a limited online demo below.

Feature Tour of Conveno
One benefit of Conveno is that it provides a real-world view of F11 to potential collaborators using the workspace, without having to physically visit F11. For example, at one glance, we are able to know the seating capacity and interior decor of the screening room without physically surveying.
Users can also click on the Lookaround icon to zoom into the 3D location to view spaces in greater detail.
Another benefit of Conveno is that it enables visitors to find out the paths they can take to reach an intended location within the building.

Visitors can also experience a step-by-step guide of how to navigate from the foyer to the meeting locations at F11.

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